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Torqeedo stands for clean, sustainable mobility on the water. Their motors are leading-edge, high-tech design products powered by the safest and most powerful lithium batteries of their kind. In combination with batteries, throttles, and user interface Torqeedo pod motors provide a true alternative to diesel in- boards. Benefits of Torqeedo electric outboards and pod drives are huge: avoiding significant harmful pollutant emissions, modern design, low noise level, highest safety level plus they are economical, simple to handle and clean to use - no smells, no leaks, no fuel..Check them out on BoltanoYachtSupply website.

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TORQ-ULTRAL-403A Ultralight 403ATorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 2.0TS Cruise 2.0 T STorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 2.0TL Cruise 2.0 T LTorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 4.0TS Cruise 4.0 T STorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 4.0TL Cruise 4.0 T LTorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 2.0RS Cruise 2.0 R STorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 2.0RL Cruise 2.0 R LTorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 4.0RS Cruise 4.0 R STorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 4.0RL Cruise 4.0 R LTorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 10.0RS Cruise 10.0 R STorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE- 10.0RL Cruise 10.0 R LTorqeedoN/A
TORQ-CRUISE-10.0RXL Cruise 10.0 R XLTorqeedoN/A