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For last 10 years, every Fendress cover has been woven, cut, shaped, packed and shipped from their manufactory in Mouans-sartoux, southern France to ensure best quality. Fenders friction damage the hull of your boat. With time, the defences blacken and lose their luster. With fender covers, you can avoid those types of unsightly aging, and give a neat look to your boat. Fendress covers are soft and resistant. They last longer and beautify the appearance of your boat while protecting. Fendress fender covers are available for all sizes and shapes.

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NAFD-DVOBLK-A6Navlaka A6 crna dvostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-DVOBLK-A7Navlaka A7 crna dvostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-DVOBLK-F6Navlaka F6 crna dvostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-DVONVY-A4Navlaka A4 navy dvostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-DVONVY-A5Navlaka A5 navy dvostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-DVONVY-F5Navlaka F5 navy dvostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-JEDBLK-A3Navlaka A3 crna jednostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-JEDBLK-A4Navlaka A4 crna jednostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-JEDBLK-F3Navlaka F3 crna jednostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-JEDBLK-F4Navlaka F4 crna jednostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-JEDBLK-F5Navlaka F5 crna jednostruka FendressFendressN/A
NAFD-JEDGRY-A2Navlaka A2 siva jednostruka FendressFendressN/A