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Liros is producing high quality rope products for all technical solutions. They are now recognized as a world leader in the manufacture od yachting ropes, kitesurf cords, paragliding ropes and a wide range of industrial cordage. Liros continues to manufacture in Germany to ensure best quality and carefully chooses material to protect ropes against abrasion and UV degradation.

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LIQC-01905-4050Liros Quick Clip 50cm elastični konopLirosN/A
LIQC-01905-5070Liros Quick Clip 70cm elastični konopLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-0800-130Konop Liros Mooring Porto 8mm Marin plaviLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-0800-171Konop Liros Mooring Porto 8mm crveniLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-0800-188Konop Liros Mooring Porto 8mm crniLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-0800-239Konop Liros Mooring Porto 8mm bijelo-crniLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-1000-130Konop Liros Mooring Porto 10mm Marin plaviLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-1000-188Konop Liros Mooring Porto 10mm crniLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-1000-205Konop Liros Mooring Porto 10mm sivoLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-1000-239Konop Liros Mooring Porto 10mm bijelo-crniLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-1200-130Konop Liros Mooring Porto 12mm Marin plaviLirosN/A
LIMO-00133-1200-188Konop Liros Mooring Porto 12mm crniLirosN/A